june 29-30, an im between a masculivoid and a deceiver
i posted the im because it's kind of comedic, ridiculous as q
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masculivoid: well me boyfriend is white i understand

masculivoid: i like wht guys too

me: anything male, though, i guess will fill the void in us gay men. sometimes we just get picky

masculivoid: lol

masculivoid: yeah i know what u mean (pity you can't feel what i mean)

masculivoid: r u with an artist on tour now

me: heck no, i'm on vacation

masculivoid: lol

masculivoid: cool enjoy it sir

masculivoid: i hope u find your wht boy :o)

masculivoid: take care

me: alright i'll try. gotta find me a man to rid my lonliness for one. heck if i can do it!

me: thanks man

me: nice chatting

masculivoid: lol no prob....same here

me: same here what?

masculivoid: find someone for the lonliness

me: yeah, my brother tells me i should be the only man for me. some crap about showing myself love and devotion.

straights just don't understand us gay men, we're so different than straights.

masculivoid: very true they just dont get it and they prob never will :o(

masculivoid: it has tken my family awhile but they r over it finally

me: i hate it. it's like "brian, i'm not like you, i'm not like anybody, gay hearts are different than straight hearts,".

it's like we're in a class by ourselves. fuck straights.

masculivoid: gay relationships and straight relationships parelel but gay ones are more


me: how do you mean? more intense?

masculivoid: we have to thank straight people for one thing

me: huh

masculivoid: the emotion that is generated between 2 men or 2 women is compounded on top

of the issues that society has with us (you're the one with the problem) and the exceptance process we have to go

through as well about who the hell we are (nothing more than our libidos)

masculivoid: :o)

masculivoid: there is more involved in our relationships (poor poor pitiful me)

masculivoid: see what i mean

me: i think you're too smart for me, i don't understand

masculivoid: lol hardly

masculivoid: we are raised in a world where the norm is hetero

masculivoid: right? (yeah, if the norm was homo we'd have been extinct a while ago)

me: yeah

me: my brother says i am a man. and that i am slapping myself in the face by telling myself that i need another man

masculivoid: ok given the condissioning of our up bringing we as gay men and women have

to first deal with the fact the we are (choosing to be with our behavior) gay and everyone around us says it is wrong (waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!!!!!!)

and we are going to hell (unless you repent, quoth the raven)

masculivoid: and

masculivoid: we find away to love ourselves (in spite of the rejection we have of ourselves as men) thus being able to love another man and not

allow straight people to make a feel bad about it.....straight people dont have to go

through all that bs (that's cuz they're straight with themselves as a member of their gender)

masculivoid: see what i mean

masculivoid: i might not be explaining it correctly :o)

me: yeah i guess. all i really want is some comfort, a man.

masculivoid: it is really hard for somepeople to do that because of their own issuse sometimes :o(

(listen to him, listen to "human nature," 'you're the one with the problem')

me: i said something like that to my bro, told him that he has an issue, and he said i'm just trying to market myself as

blameless and perfect by labeling him as the sick one when i am really the sick one

masculivoid: what r u serious?

me: that's what he said

masculivoid: u know what that is bs (hmm...)

me: he says i am complexed

masculivoid: what?

me: yeah

masculivoid: u know how old is ur bro?

me: of course i know. he just turned 31

masculivoid: he is my age where were u guys raised?

me: what does that have to do with anything

masculivoid: well sometimes people are influenced by their surrounding ....like i was raised

in cali my family is really open mind about a lot of things see

(gomorrah by the sea)

me: oh. i grew up in alabama

masculivoid: that explains alot

me: how come?

masculivoid: not the most gay friendly place in the worldd

me: he says us gays want special rights, because facades of prife must be saved

me: pride

masculivoid: what?

me: i dunno

masculivoid: ok how old r u?

me: duh i'm 27. it's in my profile

masculivoid: sorry i forgot

me: it's ok

masculivoid: man i don't know what else to say

me: neither do i. do you have a big dick like all black guys do?

masculivoid: please dont be offended but ur bro is a dick

me: i know

masculivoid: excuse me? (that's a queeny dialogue if i've ever seen one)

me: sorry

masculivoid: lol

masculivoid: noprob

me: :)

masculivoid: 8.5'' cut

me: wow that's big

masculivoid: thnks,

me: hee hee. wish mine was that big. wish my dad's dick gene went into me instead of into my dumb bro

masculivoid: well alrighty then (btw, my dialogue is scripted so i can sound cool like jim)

me: just the gay gene went into me

masculivoid: lol

masculivoid: me too

me: and the straight gene went into my bro. and the guitar player gene went into my sis. i wish i could play the guitar, i

don't have the correct gene though. (that line cracks me up)

masculivoid: yes u do!

me: tell that to my guitar teacher.

me: ex-guitar teacher

masculivoid: lol

me: why aren't u chatting anymore

masculivoid: sorry

me: fine, you're just like straight men, you just ignore me

masculivoid: whatever if that were the case i would have stoped talking a long tiime ago

masculivoid: :o)

me: oh. what do we have straight people to thank for? you said that before?

masculivoid: oh yeah the fact they gave birth to us :o)

me: oh. hee hee. yeah, that's the only thing heterosexuality is good for. i can't wait til god turns gay and allows

homosexuals to be the ones to give birth

masculivoid: not me

me: why?

masculivoid: i dont want to go through all that shit do u? (he just wants the meaningless lust, gaids is enough, he can't imagine protecting against childbirth too!)

me: then people will respect us and our lifestyle will be undeniably necessary

me: and straights' lifestyles will be only known as lustful

masculivoid: we dont need that for people to respect us

masculivoid: that is not the answer

me: what is the answer

masculivoid: my name is jonathan what is urs

me: lloyd

masculivoid: people coming out and being responsible well adjusted adults

me: i went to school with a very insecure boy named jonathan. no offense, but he was just so insecure. he ended up

moving to new york to live with the only real man in his life.

me: he was a nutcase

masculivoid: lol

me: he always said in an idiotic voice, "hello, what's your name?"

masculivoid: well at one time in my life i was that nutcase

me: how come?

masculivoid: i couldnt except who i was and church really fucked me up

masculivoid: lloyd r u in miami?

me: oh to hell with church. they think people aren't prisoners to their sexuality, but us gays know better.(wish he would've commented on that) i'm at the airport. i

just got in tonight.

masculivoid: want to call me tomorrow sometime.....because i have to go

me: oh...how come?

masculivoid: 555-555-5555


me: why can't you stay?

me: what time should i call

masculivoid: i am really tired and i have to work tomorrow

masculivoid: 9 or 10am ok

me: oh. :( okay. i'll call. maybe we can go to dinner tomorrow. and rebel against "the way it was meant to be". i can't stand

those kind of people.

sorry, i'll call tomorrow.

masculivoid: hey man dont be sorry

masculivoid: u r a really nice guy

me: what do you mean

me: thanks. so ar eyou.

masculivoid: i like people who r for real

me: yeah me too. i like to sing to my bro, "i wish the real world wouldjust stop hassling me". oops, you probably don't

wanna hear that.

masculivoid: lol not a prob man i will talk to u tomorrow and dinner sounds great

masculivoid: call me

masculivoid: ok

masculivoid: u better

me: alright, i'm glad i met you! i willl!

masculivoid: dont make me have to find you:o)

masculivoid: i have a lot of cute wht friends :o)

me: : ) okay! find me lying naked on the floor! i'm getting more attracted to you by the second!

masculivoid: lol

masculivoid: yeah right

masculivoid: i will send u my pic ok

me: :) fine, don't believe me.

me: ok, but i don't have one to return

masculivoid: no prob

me: oh wow, you're small, but you look regal! and dignifieed!!! i like!

masculivoid: i am small!

me: an di like a man in a business suit!

me: well the picture was small

masculivoid: lol

masculivoid: ok

me: i wish i had a pic to show you.

me: i'll try to get one made soon.

me: and i'll send it to you.

masculivoid: ok i will talk to u tomorrow ok

me: alright. have a good night then.

masculivoid: u too

me: thanks!

masculivoid: no thank you:o)

me: :) we'll both thank each other soon! in person!

me: in bed!!! hee hee!

masculivoid: cool souns good to me :o)

me: my bro hates me jumping in bed as fast as i do, but it's his issue!!1 ilove it!

masculivoid: lol we will see about that u might be attratted to me

masculivoid: screw him! :o)

me: i know i already am! i don't want to screw him, he's only sexy to the girls

masculivoid: thank you i am flattered

me: i am flattered you even immed me!

masculivoid: i am glad i did:o)

masculivoid: it was the country music thing

me: what i wouldn't give to cuddle up next to you tonight! oh well, you have to go and i am sorry i don't let you go. oh,

that i'm a tour coordinator? yeah, it's a fun job

masculivoid: u know when u responed to my im i was going to be an asshole i am really glad

i didnt :o)

masculivoid: i would luv to cuddle up next to u as well

me: me too! what were you going to say? just tell me! in response to " i don't like black guys for sexual partners"?

what were you gonna saym, slap me in the face!

me: i won't be hurt! cuz i think i met someone good tonight/!

masculivoid: that i hope u find inner peace because u are a narrow minded ignorant red

neck trailer trash peice of shit! (just because i told him that blacks don't turn me on)

me: oh my goodness. just because i said i didn't want to sleep with black men? are you mad at me?

masculivoid: hell no

masculivoid: i am not mad at all

masculivoid: u have to understand all i said was i was the only blk man that luved country

music i was trying to be funny and that was ur responce

me: oh thank god. well, hell with god, thank my mcjesus!! if you know what i mean.

masculivoid: lol

me: : )

masculivoid: it was a conversation starter i thought

me: yeah, sorry for my response, but black guys i've run into are mean and rough and only want sex

masculivoid: if u dont call me tomorrow i will send u hate e-mails about blk guys and wht

guys :o)

masculivoid: well not all of us are that way

masculivoid: my profile says well educated and built :o)

masculivoid: did i even read it

masculivoid: i mean u

me: mmmmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!


yeah i read it, but all profiles say well educated and built

masculivoid: well mine is true

me: i can see now that i have that delicious picture o you!

masculivoid: i gotta run man

me: alright, i'll see you soon

masculivoid: yep i hope u like chocolate:o)

me: i like you!

masculivoid: awesome !!!!!

and i like you! :o)

masculivoid: g'nite

me: thanks...goodnight

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