i hop into a 'gay lifestyle' chatroom, the one that some freak reported me to tos for simply stating that matthew shepard was killed because he wouldn't stop bothering two straight men for sex. anyway, when i came in, the dyke says to me: "ready for another tos?". oh lord, what spite. here's a letter i wrote to tos after they knocked me off:

you kicked me off for saying matt shepard was killed because he was a sexual predator, why? i'm stating a fact. as we all know, he was killed after repeatedly bothering two men by propositioning them for sex. so he was indeed killed for being a sexual predator. i cannot help it if gays and lesbians want to shield their feeble pride from anything that gives homosexuality a bad name, as the nation's #1 service provider you should not cater to these crybaby attitudes.

why is it that whenever anyone states a fact that is apt to lessen the integrity of homosexuality, they're called 'basher' or 'phobic'? why do you cater to these runts who have no desire to be out from under mommy's wing? i am merely spreading truth. poor poor pitiful matt was killed for being a predator. why do you allow gays to remain in their own little world, why can't i spread a well-known truth? tell me that gays can't handle the truth.

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