"someone must have hurt you really bad, you seem bitter"

why do gays always assume that when i'm bitter, it's because i was dependent on someone who ended up hurting me?! i have never been a leech!

gays are soooo dependent on other people, it's like without a boyfriend one is nothing! and what is a boyfriend in their eyes, but someone to justify their sex lives and morph their sin into something good and/or respectable? talking to this nimrod, it was evident that although he preached self-love he overlooked himself as deserving of respect. doesn't matter your upbringing, doesn't matter about anything, i've learned this through experience: if you have the least bit of respect for yourself as a man then you're gonna have the hardest time really admitting that you're gay. you'd be thinking of ways to make it less self-insulting, since "i'm not all the man i need" is deafening in the background.

and he tells me i'm the one with the problem for not accepting my id. and society's telling me it's okay not to be all you can be. 5 4 3 2 1...we are a part of a kinder-nation.

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