"mr. brooks has a right to be arrogant, he's an extrodinary entertainer!"
(q'll love you just the way you are if you're popular)
"your saying i'm full of myself is the best compliment to my self-image i've ever gotten!"
(compliment or complement? self-infatuation, nonetheless)
"i like looking at myself in front of a mirror too, it's not arrogance but confidence"
(queen of his own little dictionary, confidence is knowing the mirror, not having to look)

"there's nothing hypocritical about blacks who fight to be 'afro-americans' and still call whites 'whites'"
"our gossip has concluded that you scorn 'african-americans' because you've been dumped by one"
"i love to analyze things"
(a.k.a. my mcanalyzation)

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