"nice pic," i say, "but i can't deal with guys who wear earrings on both ears and nipples"
"<shrug> i can't please everyone," he says.
"<shrug>," i say (right back at ya)
"i absolutely refuse to follow public opinion," he insists
(is this "man" for real, children make a conscious effort to rebel)

on a porno website featuring the art of masculine insufficience:
warning . . . if offended by homosexuality you are welcomed to hit the back button & go forth & multiply. ("you are welcomed," nice english, nice attitude. "go forth and multiply," nah, queers ain't spiteful)

"if you don't im me because i am hiv+ then i think you are shallow"
haha, what a loser! he's in a sex room and he says that! holy toledo, batman!

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