masculivoid: what do you like to do with men
me: you speak like you're an outsider
masculivoid: i can assure you, i'm not! (i'll play along)
me: i like to be underneath their huge manbodies (a queer term) and hairy chests
masculivoid: mmn, i love feeling them squirm underneath me ("them"...he sure is an outsider)

some fag's profile read: "the bible is all about love and acceptence, so why do 'godly' people bash?
(when he immed me, i asked if he had ever read about s+g or levitticus 18:33)
("bash" is the distressed "man's" cry when someone violates his said "pride")

another profile read: "ooohhhhh, and please don't 'im' unless you are masculine"
"i see a guy in tight blue jeans and work boots, and i go nuts!"
(we all had delusions in our heads)

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