masculivoid: you're site is very interesting.
masculivoid: have you ever seen the site
unorthodoxgaym: thanks. yeah.
masculivoid: that site i found more rediculious than i did offensive.
unorthodoxgaym: yep us atheists think everything biblical is ridiculous
masculivoid: that's very interesting. you're aware that i am not an atheist.
unorthodoxgaym: sure you are! any refusal of the age-old god is an atheist. pro-gay gods included!
masculivoid: i actually believe in god. whether or not you do is your point of view, not mine.
unorthodoxgaym: i doubt if you believe in the god who is anti gay
masculivoid: you are correct.
unorthodoxgaym: there you go!
masculivoid: and i do believe in the bible being full of inaccuracies too.
unorthodoxgaym: there you go
unorthodoxgaym: you're worshipping a my mcjesus
masculivoid: i have my own beliefs spiritually. i do practice tarot and follow astrology.
(both are satanic, tarot and astrology)
unorthodoxgaym: my mcjesus
masculivoid: what do you mean by a mcjesus?
unorthodoxgaym: you worship a god who is customized to what you want him to be!!!
masculivoid: no, not at all. a god that i know within me is.
(don't sound like you can comprehend what i just said)
unorthodoxgaym: "no rules, just right"
masculivoid: no not at all. i feel very intune with my spiritual side. that much i am confident.
unorthodoxgaym: "no rules, just right"
masculivoid: not at all.
unorthodoxgaym: how could you not be in tune with your spiritual side if your spiritual side is all pro-you
masculivoid: who said it was all pro-me.
masculivoid: i'm certainly not without fault.
unorthodoxgaym: i don't wanna argue
(you can't argue with fags, they are all so full of their own legitimacy)
masculivoid: i only have one question for you. have you ever seen a spirit?
unorthodoxgaym: i only have one question for you. can you only comprehend and accept into your life the physical?
masculivoid: clarify.
masculivoid: you're very vague.
(you're very void)

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