saturday december 4

masculivoid: whats up man
unorthodoxgaym: hi! nothing's up! u?
masculivoid: just looking for some fun tonight no strings
unorthodoxgaym: hehe cool
masculivoid: what about you
unorthodoxgaym: sure (lie #1)
masculivoid: you the top man or bottom i am a hairy man and got some hot xxx movies
unorthodoxgaym: it depends on what i feel like when with you!!
masculivoid: i really want to be on the bottom tonight
unorthodoxgaym: that is cool cuz i'm more on top
masculivoid: how hung man
unorthodoxgaym: 8.1 (lie #2)
masculivoid: very nice man
unorthodoxgaym: thanks u?
masculivoid: you got a pic of it
masculivoid: about 7
unorthodoxgaym: heck no
masculivoid: is it really 8 i have never been with a dick that big i am really horny now
unorthodoxgaym: it's not exceptionally thick really
masculivoid: i would like to feel it in me tonight
masculivoid: are you there
unorthodoxgaym: oh hi yeah i am
masculivoid: can you cum over tonight
unorthodoxgaym: heck no
masculivoid: thats not that fair cum fill me up man
unorthodoxgaym: i can maybe meet tomorrow or the next day (lie #3)
masculivoid: you got any hot nude pics of any body to trade
unorthodoxgaym: nope
masculivoid: i bet you cum a lot
unorthodoxgaym: mmn yeah i guess ido (lie #4)
masculivoid: you ever do kinky sex
unorthodoxgaym: sure (lie #5)
masculivoid: i have always wanted a guy to piss on me then fuck me
unorthodoxgaym: that's me (lie #6)
masculivoid: i want you to piss in my mouth then fuck me hard like a dog
unorthodoxgaym: i can do that! tomorrow or the next day! (lie #7)
masculivoid: how about tommorrow
masculivoid: what time
unorthodoxgaym: 7?
masculivoid: am or pm
unorthodoxgaym: er, nevermind. how about 3 pm.
masculivoid: ok how you like to fuck guys
unorthodoxgaym: any and every way! no preference. (lie #8)
masculivoid: you where bikinis
unorthodoxgaym: briefs? nah boxers (lie #9)
masculivoid: do your balls hang
unorthodoxgaym: a little lower than avg but not too low (lie #10)
masculivoid: i like then hitting my ass when you fuck me
unorthodoxgaym: oh yeah!
masculivoid: do you have a bubble butt
unorthodoxgaym: not totally (lie #11)
masculivoid: i hope you dont cum quick
unorthodoxgaym: i do quick but it's not over when i do (lie #12)
masculivoid: you stay hard after you cum
unorthodoxgaym: if i'm excited enough (lie #13)
unorthodoxgaym: well it goes down, but i can make it come back up without leaving (lie #14)
masculivoid: i like it fast like a dog fucks
unorthodoxgaym: i definitely can do that (lie #15)
masculivoid: you eat the ass befor you fuck it
unorthodoxgaym: to lube it yea (lie #16)
masculivoid: where you want to shot your load
unorthodoxgaym: inside you
masculivoid: only with a condom on
unorthodoxgaym: damn. ok, if you insist
masculivoid: you can cum in my mouth
unorthodoxgaym: oh alright sounds good
masculivoid: you going to eat my cum also
unorthodoxgaym: swallow? always. (lie #17)
masculivoid: cani piss in your mouth also
unorthodoxgaym: yeah man i love that send over a pic of you pissing
masculivoid: dont have one
unorthodoxgaym: oh ok
masculivoid: you ever did k-9 sex before
unorthodoxgaym: no
unorthodoxgaym: don't even know what it is
masculivoid: would you
masculivoid: fave a dog fuck u or you fuck the dog
unorthodoxgaym: oh no never
masculivoid: some guys get into that
masculivoid: not me

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