masculivoid 1: i got a question
masculivoid 2: k
masculivoid 3: was up
masculivoid 1: when you check out a guy, like at the mall, do you look at his package?
masculivoid 3: yeah
masculivoid 4 i usually check him out after he pays me...
masculivoid 2: umm, you can't see a package through clothes
masculivoid 1: i've always wondered that
masculivoid 4: cause then i have to "do him"
masculivoid 5: that or his butt, or both, depends on which role you prefer.
masculivoid 1: yes you can

his "package," you speak of male genetalia like it's not a part of you.

dabba dabba. i'm every woman, a fallen 'he,' a wanna-bee

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