masculivoid: what are you looking for tonite?
me: what are you looking for?
masculivoid: sex...jacuzzi buddy for a while and then bed...sucking rimming and fucking. 8.5c thick
me wow, you sound like a real man...i'm strokin now and oozin!
masculivoid: well i am not into cyber...i want the guy right here with his flesh pressing next to mine and mine against his...are you able to come out now? very clean and clean cut and discreet and horny and hung and ready strings or belaboring the issue come and lets fuck and suck
me: oh goodie! you seem to know exactly what you want! would you command me to do stuff?!
masculivoid: yeah...but would like to you come over here now .. .fucking horny, guy
me: don't you think that's all in your mind? like you have sex bujilt up in your mind as the end-all, be-all of human existence?
masculivoid: naw....not at is just a part of me. powerful part, but only a part.
me: sounds like it's the predominate part of you, sounds like you live for it
masculivoid: and when i am in sex. mode is what i am concentrating on, solely.
me: oh, you have modes for yourself? can you turn them on and off?

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