maturemike1974 this is the screenname of a 52 year-old man. 1974 is when i was born.

somebody else capitalizes "lesbian"...we must make trivial, unimportant-type people feel important!

alright. my website marketing screenname on gay o l is lookatmybehind. on my profile, it has a couple quotes from my songs, one was "cuz the joke that ya laid was of men, was the same, and you're not gonna wake or bloom as you close your mind (some big bro)". and it had a link to my website. i got maybe three or four ims saying: "can i look at your behind?!". these "men" are so sheltered! it's like, why do you spend your all your spare time gawking at naked bodies? i'm not saying i never do, but heck i spend maybe 5 minutes doing it when i do. i don't try to make sexual contacts on gay o l, that's for sure, i'm on there in the m4m rooms to market my site. but these sheltered and childishly naive "men" who do all they can to be blessed with the sight of a naked body really make me wanna hire a hit man!!!

check out my site, , unless you're there now