alright, so my website-marketing screenname on gay o l is unorthodoxgaym. i hang out in all the gay chat/pick-up rooms, all day and every day. i am as i write this! most gay nimrods think 'unorthodox' is but a matter of religion, but that's another story.

"you're not that unorthodox"

some masculivoid with something to prove ims me on gay o l, assuming that i am online to meet guys rather to market my website, and we get to talking for a while. whenever anybody ims me with "how are you unorthodox," i click cancel, but i answered for this guy because he didn't ask immediately. i said, "you saw my website".

he says something like, "with improvements in technology and peoples' creativity, nothing is out of the ordinary". "yeah," i said, "i guess you're right". in the back of my mind, i knew that he must have been waiting at least a week for that little setup and execution.

check out my site, , unless you're there now