masculivoid: what are you into?
me: expressing my naivete of the masculine gender, what else?
masculivoid: hi
me: hey what's going on
masculivoid: not too much. just lookin for somebody to play with. you?
me: do you take pride in having a five year-old's mentality?
masculivoid: wanna get together and play tonight?
me: you sound like a five year-old
masculivoid: is this grown-up enough for you? wanna meet and rip our clothes off and fuck all night?
me: you live for sex, your life's a mess
masculivoid: you don't even know me, you can't judge. do you have a problem with sex.
("you can't judge," what a whiner. i don't respond)
masculivoid: and if you did know me, you'd know not to try to match wits with me.

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