masculivoid: so are you gay
guyzman74: yep
masculivoid: cool me too
masculivoid: single
guyzman74: always it seems
masculivoid: cool me too
masculivoid: been hurt ?
masculivoid: recently
guyzman74: yeah had a car accident in 1990
masculivoid: refraise
masculivoid: do you suffer with a broken heart
guyzman74: hell no
masculivoid: well that is direct
guyzman74: it's not responsible to depend on somebody else
guyzman74: for fulfillment
guyzman74: for legitimacy
guyzman74:llike a child
masculivoid: no,, but its nice to share
guyzman74: share what
masculivoid: share good times
masculivoid: and bad
masculivoid: your thoughts and feelings
masculivoid: you charm and humor
masculivoid: your nice smile and dimples
guyzman74: you finished?
masculivoid: and your big bird,,,, lol now iam finished

can i just say "what a loser"

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