masculivoid: been at my parents for ten days !!!! ready to pop

gotta be young, eh, gotta be dissing your parents, gotta fit in. i know how it feels, why you're so relieved to be away from them! man, ain't it a pisser to have to spend time with people who are self-assured enough not to be keeping up with the joneses, with people who aren't on top of everything cool? with people who have learned to be happy with themselves and who don't need things to make them happy? don't you hate people who are at peace with themselves?

peace is so quiet, to hell with peace! we as a nation must realize the importance of going out and getting away from the realities of our lives and our selves, we must buy our anti-aging creams in bulk and we must not lie about our age but defy it! we must stay abreast of everything current, our knowledge of everything cool must justify our lives and the lives of the robots we 'hang' with!

our president must be featured regularly on mtv and he must do anything he can to let us know that, like us, he is a kid at heart and he's just as susceptible to temptation as we are. kids rule, no matter how sheltered, uncultured and void their mentalities are!

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