masculivoid 1: god made me this way, i like it (god made me like peas over turnips)
masculivoid 1: i didn't ask for it (i never cared to go against instant gratification)
masculivoid 2: it's a gift ... get over it (they're so full of themselves)
masculivoid 3: hey i'm 18 and i'm pretty damn happy to be gay (memories of a car salesman) :p
masculivoid 2: it was people like you who were telling me i was sick and perverted (nah, incompetent)
masculivoid 2: they were wrong (repeat after me, sell it, "i love myself, i love myself")
masculivoid 1: this is how i am (i can't change, i'm a prisoner)
masculivoid 2: i don't want to change, i'm happy like i am ("i love myself, love myself, love myself")
masculivoid 1: i'm happier this way ("i'm proud of myselff")
masculivoid 1: it's not bad ("i love myself")
masculivoid 1: i don't have any problems with it (once more with feeling!)
masculivoid 1: i wouldn't want to be any other way (an educated guess?)
masculivoid 1: i feel i'm a better person because i'm gay (sounds like wool)
masculivoid 1: i'm special (pat myself on the head)

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