i had asked a masculivoid if he has gay o l, so we could communicate through instant messages rather than e-mail, and he replied back to me saying that he has instant messenger...

"however sometimes friends are using my computer--particuarly two lesbian friends"

it seems queers, who are all for equality and having people not see them as "sticking out like a sore thumb," don't even see themselves as blending in. how come mr. masculivoid couldn't just leave it at "sometimes friends are using my computer," is their lesbianism their selling point, would the dykes not be friends of his if they were not lesbians? is a person's stance on sexuality the only thing that matters to queers? probably, since their lives are lead for blessed intercourse. you don't think so, turn on the tube - sex/nudity/id has never been so glamorized before the "gay 90s" came into effect.

instead of the "gay 90s," maybe it should be known as the "voided '90s".

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