me: hee hee. i ask this at everyone. is your chest hairy?
masculivoid: nope ,
masculivoid: want to see it , it has a ice cream cone on it (a tattoo)
masculivoid: right pec
me: oh, a quick cam pic? sure i'd like to!
masculivoid: ok (and he sends the ridiculous pic)
: cool haha, (what was i supposed to say? accept yourself?) why an ice creeam cone/?
masculivoid: it was for my 20th birthday

masculivoid: it was a gift from a friend of min e
masculivoid: i want to cherries on my upper right ass cheeck next (image is everything)
me: ha oh boy
masculivoid: yup
i am a nut
(you don't know who you are, do tommy and calvin also deliver your justification?)

me: what ar eyou doing?
masculivoid: just hangin out
masculivoid: waitin for my man to get into work
masculivoid: he is makin breakfest before i crash ("my man," don't sound too estranged)

masculivoid: oh by the way , i am younger then u , so drop the sir , pwease
me: oh heck i call everyone sir
masculivoid: o well not this boi (do you like sucking thumb or dick better?)

me: alright, man. hey what are you online for looking to meet guys if you have a boyfriend?
masculivoid: i have friends on here
me: oh
masculivoid: i am not a whore ball , promise u that on e
masculivoid: if i wanted it i could , but i don't
(nice facade, "if i only wanted to" i could accomplish anything i set out to do)

masculivoid: he just turned 22 last week
me: who
masculivoid: my lover did ("lover" gives overactive libidos a good name)

masculivoid: nite nite (dabba dabba)
me: good morning!
masculivoid: ps === get a pix scanned
me: o tay
masculivoid: i mean soon boi (you're a child)
masculivoid: tee hee (you're so flimsy)
masculivoid: now u can say yes sir (i think not)

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