"he's a troooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllll!!!"

said "men" in the gay o l m4m chat rooms all have a word for guys who don't live up to their masculine delusions. troll. holy shit, every time that word pops up on the m4m chat window i really believe that i am in a room full of first graders.

there's an obvious complex these men share, they have to do their best to scorn others' weak points because their self-love is fragile and is strengthened by being one of the pots who are calling the kettle black. i've also learned that if you've got something on them, that 'something' being intelligence or ability or anything they themselves want but do not possess, they'll do their best to make themselves look superior.

this mentality is what makes me regard gay pride parades as 'gay spite parades'.

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