somebody ims me and we trade pictures, then he asks me to tell him about me. i ask, "what do you wanna know," and he says, "cock size, likes/dislikes, sexual orientation/preferences". so i go, "7 cut, i like it all," and he says, "nice wow. lol," and i click cancel. then he ims back:

masculivoid: what happned tdid i lose you
unorthodoxgaym: no, you laughed at me
masculivoid: no the chest thing i thought it was cute
unorthodoxgaym: oh,
unorthodoxgaym: well then send over a pic of it!
masculivoid: i dont have a pic of thatg
masculivoid: i am not that kind of guy

he's not that kind of guy. okay, i think you blew my image of you when you asked my cock size.

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