remembermatthews (me): homophobic is a wimp's term, nobody is scared, that's a ploy to make anti gays feel weak
paranoid schizophrenic 1: remembermatthews, profile and chat
paranoid schizophrenic 1: ignored
(for what, hurting your ever-so feeble 'pride'? get a fucking life!
why must you announce that you clicked ignore? is that your "nyah, nyah"?)
relieved crybaby 1: thanks winter!!! my anti-hatred soul hates this anti-gay advocate as you do
compulsive blamer 1: it still amazes me that there are people out there like remember who are so sick
("you're the one with the problem")
paranoid schizophrenic 1: it's sad that people have to devote so much of their lives to hatred of people who never have done a thing agianst them or hurt them in any way poor poor pitiful me!!!!!!!
adolescent 1: some people are just stupid some can't comprehend their own naivete
compulsive blamer 2: ignorant is more the word trina :) 'stuck on yourself' is the expression
compulsive blamer 3: scared and ignorant your ploy to make anti-gays feel weak don't work on me

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