masculivoid 1: who is naked here?
masculivoid 2: naked here hard and dripping
masculivoid 3: 19, str8 but bored, college soph, jock, any one close to my age?
masculivoid 4: i can give one schamp
masculivoid 1: boxers here
masculivoid 5: im wearing a robe but naked underneeth
masculivoid 6: same here
masculivoid 7: gym shorts here

"who is naked here," meaning "who here is out of touch with himself and celebrates and flaunts his nude body like it's some kind of valuable commodity that nobody else has a handle on either. "19, str8 but bored," excuse me mister, you're not bored as much as you are void - you do not know what to do with yourself and you cannot relate to people any other way than sexually (i know, i've been there and i know other people who are in the same predicament). please be stronger than your past, the future may still give you a chance.

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