masculivoid: i wrote more in my book tryin to finish it up
lookatmybehind: wow what's your book about
masculivoid: me =)
lookatmybehind: wow
masculivoid: well about my experences in the army and haveing to be in the closet
masculivoid: i did 9 years in the army special forces
lookatmybehind: oh i shoulda guessed it'd have something to do with homosexuality, dare gays be anything more
masculivoid: was highly decorated and was decorated for bravery by 2 presidents but would have been kickd out fi they found out
masculivoid: does that bother u
lookatmybehind: no
masculivoid: well i think that people have this image of nelly gay people but i want to convey that gays can do any job straight people can
lookatmybehind: the jealous equalizer

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