before going out of the house for the week, i created an aol chat room

onlinehost: *** you are in "town square - beliefs against gays". ***

rac904: i enjoyed the web site
sexysaxin: so what are your beliefs?
gay preacherman: i guess god is in control this morning your site has been disabled, isnt working, over, done
(keyword: pretend-reality artist)
cowboylvntdybear: what dose ur name mean " the ungay gay " ?
cowboylvntdybear: hope you know your sexuality is from god and last time i read my bible
('my bible,' notice the wording) he didn''t make mistakes !!!! (yeah, he created two genders and left mistake-making up to the "will of the people")
cowboylvntdybear: and for your info. i am an ordained minister and went to rehma bible collage assembly of god one and have a doctorate in divinity
cowboylvntdybear: seems ur to shy to come out so to speek (a "doctorate" who can't spell a 5 letter word, no less)
cowboylvntdybear: oh, well another one that can't defend their beliefs !!! (the site speaks for itself)
cowboylvntdybear: latter and i do mean latter (what was the former?)
voter53: get much business in here?
lucky kitty13x: closeminded
lucky kitty13x: ur nothing but closeminded
(ur nothing but clothes-minded. yeah, clothes-minded. fashion, pop life, of the world)

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