gay o l sent me a letter telling me to delete my 'antigayisok' screen name. they said they'd cancel my account if it wasn't deleted. can you believe that? there must be countless 'pro-gay' type screennames. i'm sure a whining minority complained to the gay o l staff, i'm sure the gay o l staff felt the need to take away one man's freedom of speech for the sake of minorities' ever-so feeble sense of 'pride,' but don't try to tell me that fags are not bloated creatures and don't try to tell me that the church-going satanists known as bill and hillary clinton had nothing to do with inflating them.

jesus may love everybody, but he and his dad can and do hate. they hate when "men" have sex with other "men," when"women" have sex with other "women," when pastors are female, when pastors pronounce a couple 'wife and husband' rather than the tried-and-true 'husband and wife' out of sympathy for the reality of men being god's elite, and they're gonna throw the wills of the people right back in the peoples' faces simply by giving them true independence from god and not allowing them into heaven.

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