for at least five days in a row, i have been creating chat rooms on aol and the workers have been making those rooms disappear from the public town square chat listing and hiding them in private rooms so that nobody could see their existences or see me in them with my profile advertising my anti-gay website. after having my profile deleted numerous times in the past, after having my account been terminated numerous times in the past, after getting emails from their terms of service numerous times in the past, i venture to guess that my profile this time is not offensive enough for aol to do anything about and therefore they are making me and it invisible to the chatting majority.

okay, so i know you're thinking that i probably just missed the room name in the town square because i am head-injured, but as soon as i didn't see the room name in the town square listing, i tried to create another room with the exact same name and i got a message "we're sorry, you cannot create a room with that name, would you like a private room instead?".

i was in a 'q gives men bad name' chat room one night, with the quote on the first frameset page of the site - "you wait in hot anticipation for a man to take his clothes off so you can see his unclothed body, and yet you maintain that men are not a discovery zone and you do not lack masculine gender-identity. tell me another one. then go to my site," and gay o l erases the quote from my profile!

i wanna hire a lawyer and give the 'special rights for runts' advocates a run for their money.

check out my site, , unless you're there now