so i joined an 'ask gay guy anything' chat one day, with my antigayisokay screenname. i was in there only a few seconds, when somebody goes "antigay, you can leave now". wow. i stayed a little while longer to see if they would start talking about my site and drive other clueless folk to it, then i left to jump into the tampa gay room and then i jumped back into the 'ask gay guy anything' room. the first line i saw was, "so is he a bigot or just a confused queen".

if you think about how he wonders if anti-gay men are really confused homosexuals, you'll learn that yippee-thrills and sex conquer all in their minds. because by saying that anti-gay men are confused homosexuals, he is saying that he believes all people are a product of their lustful desires before they are anything else.

so, in reality, gays are a bunch of sexually infatuated excuses for people who aren't as free as they'd like to think.

that's why there should be a national gay bashing day.

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