bendu2mywill: naked, you are one sick bastard!

irish8663: report him

bendu2mywill: your screen name has been reported to aol for promoting violence against gays

okay, can you say "waaaaaaaah"? er, i guess you just did. heh, there was nothing wrong with my screen name or anything about my profile, there was merely an ad for my website in the profile. the little runt was (heaven forbid) offended by anything that is anti-gay, including this site. like he has to protect homosexuality's good name, because if nobody does it then logic will give it a bad name once again.

he (she) doesn't realize it, but she is doing as much defamation to gays as i am...with a sex-crazed screenname like 'bendu2mywill'.

check out my site, , unless you're there now