here's another story on the facade of free speech people are allowed. i made a profile with a few quotes from my songs, "q's are meek babies, they're humping like cowards cuz they're screwing like they're viewing self-discovery channel" and "gays are illusions, they're not such whole dudes like their drama wants seen, no answers will be in their minds, they suck dudes - they're groping for leads" and "acquired indicates deliberate, secondhand...asses inquire of dollars not sense". lo and behold, while i was online, somebody asked me why i had no profile. i was confused and i checked my profile to find that it had been erased by the gay o l workers.

makes me want to bash gays even more. physically dissect and mutilate masculine and feminine insufficient existences. one of their whining members reported the profile because it (god forbid) hurt their feelings, and gay o l got rid of it. this is where my scandalous thoughts, my murderous hatred comes from: gays' all-around weak and insufficient minds. this is why i am all for a national gay bashing day.

leads me to believe that steve case is one grand ol' masculivoid himself. i'd turn pro-gay for big ol' stevie, no joke.

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