a few lines when i made a 'why gays areclueless' room on gay o l, advertising my site:

masculivoid 1: the phrase for today is: "chip on his shoulder." do you have nothing better to do?
masculivoid 2: it's because they all ashamed of there small dicks
if that's not proof of where exactly gay 'mens' heads are, what is?

masculivoid 3: a gay white man enters the room so tell me why i am clueless
'he' enters the room and must announce that 'he' is gay. are we losing touch?

one guy tells me i need to get a life, and in the next im he tells me i have to stop worrying about how others live! can you say hypocrite?! i mean, that just takes the fucking cake!!!!! he doesn't even realize what he said!!! dork!!!

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