i was in a m4m chat room one evening, and saw the most ridiculous thing. some masculivoid was bellyaching that the "love of his life" had dumped him. and all the other masculivoids were showing their support, i left the room out of shame for these girls after i cut their chat and pasted it into an html document.

colsversboy: i think the hardest part is that i dont understand
colsversboy: thats whats driving me nuts
two t jr: what is
bestcop: col: sometimes we never do understand. but we just go on.
colsversboy: just how it could happen, how he could all of a sudden stop loving me
colsversboy: and leave
bestcop: col: sometimes we never get the answer to that.
josh7foryou: anyone into kink
colsversboy: i know, but like i said, somedays its good others its not
bestcop: sure is, but don't remember the bad days, just remember the good ones.
colsversboy: i do and that makes it harder, just reminds me of how much i still love him
colsversboy: it probably would be easier to hate him....but i cant
bestcop: but have you let him go?
colsversboy: nope,and i dont think i can
bestcop: but you have to. you have to move forward. get on with you life.
colsversboy: its hard when my life has been him
biboy2bhad: how long were you with him ??
bestcop: your life may have been with him, but that is not your life.
colsversboy: 3 years almost
mrbuster4u: did you forget your friends??? any only focus on him???
mrbuster4u: big mistake to not have outside friends
gqed76: easy to let happen
colsversboy: no i still had my friends but all my dreams and goals over the past 3 years have been us
flexmanoh: the drama!!!!!!! omg - it's like days of our lives! move on, he's only a man!
bestcop: have they been with him or about him?
gqed76: :looks at flex:
gqed76: as opposed to only a fag like you?
biboy2bhad: it ok to grieve dude. it's natural. but now is the time to rediscover you !!
codey69er: kids be nice
gqed76: when you spend 3 years with someone i dont call it drama to be upset about it.
colsversboy: well flex this was my first love, and i guess its evident that your one of the bitter ones
codey69er: flex you where out of context to say that
gqed76: its a nice change that a gay man around here has a more divers set of feelings besides sex
flexmanoh: i'm trying to give some realistic, advise, not be mean
codey69er: just because one feels one way doesnt mean the other feels the same
bestcop: col: you are right to grief. but that is over. now you have to move on.
two t jr: but u have to learn how toput it in a perfessional way
biboy2bhad: you can't put a time frame of grieving best !! everyone is different.
colsversboy: its only been 6 weeks, actually im better then i was before
flexmanoh: not bitter - realistic (been thru all that) you'll get over it! you really will
biboy2bhad: it depends on the intensity of the relationship
flexmanoh: best of luck to ya!
colsversboy: basically it was really like a marriage
bestcop: bi: that is true. but if you don't stop, life moves on. and you will miss the best part of
bestcop: it
codey69er: i know where your comming from cols
colsversboy: everyday, same person, same life and i loved it
codey69er: in a way
codey69er: my situation was a little different but in the same

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