while i was downloading oran juice jones' "walking in the rain," i was in some gay chat room on gay o l behind napster. signed on as solonely73 with queer commentary galore in the profile, i flipped to gay o l to see what was going on, and i saw this chat:

dale919: read solonley's profile... easy to see why that name fits
dale919: hi tats
russ4funlr: yep
dale919: i bet the chip on that shoulder weighs 25 tons
tatntops: thanks for the mail russ they was cute
dale919: i just reported that web page to aol

haha, oh lord...they've resorted to reporting web pages again. i don't want to know how many times this website was reported, but what the hell does this naked violated void think reporting a website to gay o l is going to do? run to mommy with your thumb in your mouth. "waaaaaaaaaaaaaaah"

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