darkangelc172: you've been tos'd for hate language...and gay bashing...and your profile

here is my profile:

member name: dyl: webmaster - www.stoptheviolins.org - a hilarious site filled with 100+ song parodies, shirts, videos, screenplays and more!
location: it's as hilarious as two "men" groping onto each others' masculine existences in hopes of finally realizing what masculinity is
hobbies: offending people who's definition of 'free speech' is the freedom not to be offended by what anyone else says or writes
computers: go to the above mentioned website! gays who don't live for their sexuality even think it's funny!
occupation: black pride and gay pride advocate (not really, but aol won't let a non-derelict show his pride) follow link to my site!
personal quote: you wait in anticipation for a man to take his clothes off so you can see his unclothed body, and yet you maintain that men are not a discovery zone for you and that you do not lack masculine gender-identity. tell me another one. then go to my site.

this "hate" campaign has gone a bit too far. whenever anybody is offended by anything, they regard it as "hate". i'm sorry, darkangel (how appropriate), but if aol cancels my account again i will file suit and i will not have to advertise my site on aol or napster anymore simply because news of my lawsuit will be the talk of the nation.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now