one guy says to me on gay o l one day, "so, do you play with guys"

what a slap in the face. do you think you can sound a little more estranged? i didn't say that, though it was the first thing that came to my head.

"do you like to play with guys," i felt like i was in second grade again. "do you like to play with guys," i felt like telling him to take his thumb out of his mouth. "do you like to play with guys," whether or not you care to admit it, by saying those words you are saying that guys are discovery zones for your lonely and outcasted masculine heart.

my first impression of him? void.
his favorite mark of punctuation? question mark
if i could describe him in one word? duh
the expression that justifies his life? ejaculate, giggle, clap
his favorite song by hall and oats? "out of touch"
his favorite song by third eye blind? "semi-charmed life"

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