dylanjames00: i tolerate straights. they have a right to their disgusting views.
dylanjames00: i just wish they have the decency to act gay in public.
dylanjames00: but straights serve a valuable purpose.
dylanjames00: and should be tolerated.
dylanjames00: well...nobody is gonna argue.
(and he leaves)

i thought of asking him how old he is. it reminds me of the other day, when i asked my friend "why do people argue?". i think it was when i walked in on him watching ricki lake (i wouldn't have believed i'd be associating with any more of the people who watch anything as childish as those types of shows after i moved out of maryland and stopped paying rent to the insecure adolescent who was trapped in a 38 year-old man's body).

anyway, it was like ricki lake was the inexperienced hired hand of a farmer who was away for a few days, she relished in the obnoxious banterings of all the barnyard animals as the mules were intent on disturbing the peace. "why do people argue," i said. with dylanjames00's comments tonight, i realized that he had not come to terms with himself as a runt (aka, a minority)...simply because his livelihood did not stop at his sexuality's gender-bending but continued on to reality-bending and the orchestration of pretend-realities. hence i realized that the people who get their rocks off by arguing are flat-out insecure with life in general.

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