okay, so i finally signed on with my antigayisokay screenname and i hopped the rooms. i went into some masculivoid 4 masculivoid room, and i said "the closet-man is here and queer so get used to me and show me your hairy armpits!!!". then i get an im from some masculine wannabee who says, "i was gonna im you with a bunch of strong language until i read your profile". well, my profile says that i am really pro-gay and i just had the anti-gay screenname "so you'd bigots will notice me". so i say to the threatening 'man,' "good for you, read my site, you'll really love me then".

i didn't hear anything more from him. where's your "strong language," mister.

i can honestly say that with the thin-skinned dykes who report me to the heads of aol for offending their feeble existences, with the two year-old 'men' who send email warnings about my website to everyone they know - "don't go there," and with their inability to take the shit they throw in everybody else's faces, i am proud to be anti-gay.

check out my site, www.jaggedlittledyl.com , unless you're there now