a g n a t y i: hey all, 27 on military leave since yesterday, what's up?
man2mate: just saw your web site... what's up with that?
aekia02: i know
aekia02: i think ill go str8 bashing tonight
hayseedboi: some major mixed up guy
man2mate: dude needs to spend some time with judge judy in an isolation tank..
hayseedboi: nah he needs a few nights in a leather bar in a sling
man2mate: i'm sure his nco would love his web address...
aekia02: his nco...would rape him
man2mate: shhh... don't ask... don't tail....
aekia02: lol
hayseedboi: just another fool
gegroehle: he's probably a big bottom slut, but only the guys on the ship know about it
man2mate: somethin' tells me he couldn't make the usn...
aekia02: so he joins the army
man2mate: well they've been desperate at times....
aekia02: gawd they are desperate freaks

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