i don't believe gay people are always looking for a fight. i don't believe the fight that they are looking for stems from the fact that they're insecure with their sexuality and not being in the majority. goodness, it's not like every single time i make an 'anti-gay is okay' type chat room then more than a third of my visitors profess to be gay and speak their minds of homosexual righteousness! for crying out loud, it's not like they see as "bigoted" whosoever shall oppose them. this is but one set of their wonder woman-type bracelets:

ceilede: its almost funny how threatened people can be by other people's differences.
niasrock: yes they are very afraid (move those wrists!)

oh well, at least one of them liked my site:

ceilede: from anti's site:
ceilede: you are a satanist if you follow and worship "your god".
ceilede: yes, oprah winfrey, this includes your fat nigger ass.
ceilede: hahaha!!!!
ceilede: that's hilarious.

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