this one takes the cake. i mean, really takes the cake. alright, so i finally get the nerve to go into one of the aol-created gay chat rooms (i am afraid to go in there because the littlest things that i say get me reported and my account terminated), and i caught someone saying something like "get over it, jesus died for our sins so that we may be forgiven and live". so, in an effort to educate the blind nimrods, i say "jesus did die for us to be forgiven, but you fruitcups don't know the meaning of repentance".

miro5: your hate speech was reported.
lordy. is "hate speech" my calling you a fruitcup or uneducated?
miro5: profile reported...and not just to aol.
wow. mr. insecurity is on his 'rights for runts' campaign. what follows is my profile.

member name: dyl: webmaster - - a hilarious site
location: it's as hilarious as two "men" groping onto each others' masculine existences in hopes of finally realizing what masculinity is
hobbies: offending people who's definition of 'free speech' is the freedom not to be offended by what anyone else says or writes
case in point, miro5
occupation: black/gay pride advocate (not really, but aol won't let a non-derelict show his pride)
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