alright, i am still winded from ridiculing the big long chat - and i am still in the chat room 'opposing gays' because i want to get word out of my website. talk about harrassment, why the hell is the majority of visitors to a chat that is clearly anti-gay...homosexuals themselves?! talk about harrassment, talk about spite, talk about immaturity. and i get kicked off aol when i go into gay chat rooms looking for a fight! this is exactly what gays are looking for when they enter my chat room, a fight.

well, i just thought i'd add that. i'm going somewhere now, a much-deserved time away from the computer after having spent 2 or 3 hours ridiculing that long chat when i've already been on for too long. so, i'll be on my way.

next time your gay acquaintences don't invite you to one of their gay functions...crash it!

check out my site, , unless you're there now