some classic situations summarized by a playwright who relies heavy on dialogue

"on all days when it's snowing and i get the slightest inkling that it will be the slightest bit difficult to maneuver the puny barbie convertible i bought (to compliment my teenager's mentality) out of the driveway and 10 miles down the road to work, i will pressure you to give your truck to me and to be left stranded at the house all day, simply because i, as a working 38 year-old man, cannot comprehend somebody who doesn't have a job and who isn't under the authority of a boss...actually needing a method of transportation".

"we are friends, i assure you, we can joke around...but the second you joke about my obesity is the second my mouth will gape open and i'll fabricate an expression of violation and i'll stomp my feet all the way up the stairs and into my room, slamming the door behind me."

"i just got news of how my parents are being sued by the nursing home for my grandmother's bills, i am afraid for them and i don't know how they're going to work it out, do you think you can give them all the money you have readily available to you to save them from unpleasentries?"

"even though you're paying me more than twice the amount of money i dictated to you that a room in my house is worth, i am cooking two meals a day for you (er, most of the time), so i will consider charging you more for you to store 10 bins in the basement"

"when you move out, i expect you to pay for me to regrass the part of the lawn that i specifically told you to park your truck on."

"just because the printer you gave me turned out to be better than the one you bought for yourself, doesn't give you the right to be an indian giver and take the better printer back for yourself, leaving me stuck with the lesser one!"

"it doesn't matter that you want me to use it to get out of debt, as a tenant you have no right to tell me, your landlord, how to spend the extra rent money that you're giving me".

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