this came in my gay o l mailbox one day when i was in the gay chat rooms

why do you feel its your mission to save every fag from the pits of hell? i'm not trying to save them from the pits of hell, i'm happy for them to go there. you dont even know if there truly is a hell. i'm gonna tell you a story im happy for you that you have come to an understanding of yourself. but ive come to an understanding about myself. so i guess you're proud to see men as an attractable opposite and im not crying to everone as you put it. i dont care. i love everyone say it with me, "yes i am jesus christ" and would like to see everyone love each other, thats all i truelly care about. you don't know what love is, your love is a simple command: be nice so im sorry you had a bad expirience in your life. i'm sorry gays resort to pointing the finger (no matter how blindly) when their pride-facades are violated, in an attempt to save face. but dont take it out on all of us. would you stop bellyaching yours truly mike

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