the next day i walk (or pop) into a chatroom, some gay o l-created gay chat room, and i type "who's mind is more narrow, the heterosexual's or the 'same sex or no sex at all' advocate's?" and miro5 ims me a minute later:

miro5: that made no sense. it was reported nonetheless.

then, like a half-hour later as i was figuring out how to associate file extentions with programs...

miro5: free yourself from trouble and strife...stop harassing people...and get a life!

two ims today and two yesterday. on none of them did i respond back. talk about harassment.

miro5: hate speech online is cowardly and sick..not to mention illegal...but prison will do the trick.

god, i hope this is the last im. you know, i think these two lines were attempts at poetry. or the jealous runt saying "whatever you can do, i can do better".

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