"to me, homosexuality is god's way of controlling overpopulation. certainly more humane than war"

isn't that the stupidest thing you've ever heard? like earth is the promised land, like god's mission is to keep and protect the earth, like god meant for his people to have no control over their sex drives and feel the need to have sex at least once a month, like god's anti-gay word is no longer in effect because god's as apt to change his mind as much as whosoever shall be floozy. okay, as whosoever shall be female.

this is the reason gays shouldn't be alive, they are blind and trying to morph reality to cater to their own selfish hearts. i can't believe the ignorance of such a comment, the scary thing is that common people are buying into their lies and facades simply because they don't take the time to learn about the real god through the bible.

the nation is embracing homosexuality, divorce, mixed marriages, etc, all in the name of 'change'. nobody wants to realize that it's god's tradition that 'change' is running from. people don't realize this simply because the earth is satan's dominion and people pick and choose the parts of god's word they acknowledge, breeding many different images of god. but it is just as satanic to worship satan himself, as it is to be a part-time christian.

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