i "walked into" some gay chat on aol, like the second line i saw was "it's independence day, and us gays have no freedom".

i said, "when are you gays gonna stop bellyaching, no freedom my foot"

poor poor pitiful gays, huh? yeah, okay.

gays have more than freedom, thanks to whining pro-minority groups like the aclu and the hrc. gays have freedoms straights do not, if someone kills a gay then it's pretty much automatically regarded as a 'hate crime'. yeah, and my brother's murderer loved my brother.

you wonder why i'm so angry, this is the reason. you wonder why i have an imaginary bloodfest on my site, because of this. gays are greedy, gays are oblivious, gays are whiners, gays are spoiled, if gays want a better name for themselves they're gonna have to settle for being treated equally and not as lil' runts that need momma's special attention and protection.

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