kmcoaster: for us gay folk, i'm scared of bush becomming president.
ceilede: why's that?
kmcoaster: he opposes any and all gay rights.
(no, he opposes special rights guised as equal rights)
ceilede: lol
ceilede: what exactly *are* gay rights anyway?
bfathrtyme420: ((((((((((((((faggots))))))))))))))))
ceilede: i'm thinking they couldn't be much different from regular human rights.
bfathrtyme420: the right to be married
ceilede: marriage is all about taxes and shit anyway.
ceilede: its not really very sacred anymore.
kmcoaster: well, he'll make it easy for employers to fire gays, hate crimes will rise.
(maybe q should take a hint from popular opinion, eh?)
bfathrtyme420: are you married?
kmcoaster: i'm in a relationship.
ceilede: a hate crime is still against the law.
ceilede: i mean...its still a crime to beat someone up regardless of why they did it.
(gays want to be special - different but equal)
kmcoaster: george bush cares nothing about minoritys.
(waaaaaaaaaaah!!! oh i get it, now there are species of humans.)
ceilede: if you don't tell your employer that you are gay, they wouldn't fire you.
ceilede: i you really need to discuss your sexuality on the job?
(gays do, gays have to tell it to the world)
ceilede: personally, i keep my private life and my professional life very separate.
(that is normal, fags would think it is noble)
kmcoaster: thats true, but it's very difficult to go to work everyday and remain in the closet .
(why can't you just say "remain humble"?)
ceilede: how so???
(a pause as km struggles for a retort)
ceilede: you don't wear gay pride shirts to work.
(another pause)
ceilede: when does your sexual orientation come up during work?
(another pause)
ceilede: they don't exactly poll people about that sort of thing.
(another pause)
ceilede: its not on your employment application.
(another pause)
kmcoaster: and you see all your straight co workers talking about their wifes or husband.
(was that the best you could do?)
kmcoaster: well, i'm lucky in this case.
ceilede: well...
ceilede: in that case, i try to stay out of it.
ceilede: i don't care if they want to discuss their personal lives...
ceilede: but i don't discuss mine.
(you don't seem like an exibitionist thriving for public, you don't seem gay)
kmcoaster: i work in a resturant and includeing me theres about 4 gay men openly that work there.
antigayisok: "men"
(need i say more?)
ceilede: then why are you worried?
kmcoaster: one of those gay men are my boss.
(i'm not gonna say it)
ceilede: you haven't been denied employment.
(yeah, i am - get an education!)
ceilede: you have a job.
ceilede: why are you worried.
(long pause)
ceilede: ?
(he's drawing a blank)
kmcoaster: i'm thinking about those that are'nt so lucky, my heart goes out to them.
(good cover, good cover)
ceilede: you mean the gay people who live in small towns in the south?
kmcoaster: well yeah and midwest where homophobia is very rampant.
(say it with me, "anti-gays have problems, they're phobic!")
ceilede: well...
ceilede: if they would all just move to san francisco...they wouldn't have a problem.
ceilede: jk
anxiope: for the record, i don't oppose gays but am interested in why others do ...
ceilede: but seriously...what is stopping *anyone* from moving to a more accepting area?
anxiope: nothing, ceilade ... accept maybe liking where they live now.
(please move to an area with better schools)
kmcoaster: in some town ,if they even think your gay, you could end up like mathew shepard.
(i had to do that)
ceilede: yup.
ceilede: but in any town, you could end up like mathew shepard for any reason.
(thank you!)
ceilede: you think bad things only happen to gays? lol
(there it is! ;)
anxiope: no ...
kmcoaster: you got a point there, but some gay people are too poor to move moneywise.
ceilede: well, that's life, eh?
ceilede: everyone goes through some shit.
(okay, i guess i sort of respect this one)
ceilede: everyone dies eventually.
anxiope: why should they have to move in the first place is my point.
ceilede: anx...well, instead of risking getting killed or not being able to work...
kmcoaster: i'm sure that gays are'nt the only target of hate , but still at top of the list.
(take a hint then, since not having a choice but to be gay only depends on how much of a priority you put on your ejaculate-giggle-clap type pleasure principle)
ceilede: instead of sitting there whining about it and asking for govt. assistance...
(whining is right)
anxiope: fair 'nuff, ceilade
ceilede: i just think they should take matters into their own hands.
ceilede: at the top? i don't agree.
anxiope: i agree, ceilade ...
ceilede: what makes the death of a gay person any worse than the death of any other person?
(gays are special)
kmcoaster: well we're not at the bottom.
anxiope: i don't favor 'hate crime' legislation ...
ceilede: neither do i really.
ceilede: it really doesn't make sense.
ceilede: there are laws already in place that cover these crimes.
(my sentiments exactly)
kmcoaster: you favor hate legislation?
(this one must be a little slow)
anxiope: all crimes are 'hate crimes' ... hate crime legislation only fosters the idea in our society
ceilede: give me an example of hate legislation?
anxiope: that some peeps should be treated differently then others.
(exactly, 'special rights for runts' is the term)
anxiope: jim crowe laws were hate legislation ... kind of.
ceilede: this is why we have the supreme court to decide whether things are constitutional or not.
kmcoaster: whos jim crow?
anxiope: yup ...
anxiope: jim crowe was a name applied to blacks in the late 1800's and early 1900's in the usa
anxiope: kind of like how john bull describes the english or uncle sam/yankee describes americans
bizeedreemin: so this room is for gay people who oppose eachother's views?
anxiope: laws that provided blacks a seperate but 'equal' status were called jim crowe laws.
kmcoaster: well if bush wins, he'll replace some of the judges with severe conservitive judges i'm afraid
anxiope: um ... i dunno. i'm hetero.
ceilede: km...that depends on whether any of the judges die or retire during his term.
ceilede: besides...even if they are conservative.
anxiope: they will, ceilade.
ceilede: their goal is still to determine the constitutionality of civil cases.
(not to gays, forever victims of bias)
anxiope: that's sad that we should be worried about them being conservative or liberal
ceilede: think?
ceilede: in four years?
ceilede: how many do you think will die or retire?
anxiope: we should be concerned about them being impartial and doing what's right to protect our righ
anxiope: 5
ceilede: besides...the sc can't change laws or make laws.
anxiope: as many as 5, i should say.
ceilede: i doubt that very much.
kmcoaster: i did'nt mean to get into a debate or argue ment.
(is that because you're losing?)
ceilede: why not? i thought we were having a pretty good discussion.
(kmcoaster: but i'm losing it! waaah!)
anxiope: rehnquist could die, scalia's not the picture of health o'connor's on her death bed practica
kmcoaster: i don't like to argue.
(...when i'm losing)
ceilede: she is????????
ceilede: last time i heard she was doing pretty well.
anxiope: she's old enough to be.
ceilede: my bf's mother had lunch with her not long ago.
anxiope: or maybe i'm thinking ginsburg ...
ceilede: just because someone is older doesn't mean they don't have many years ahead of them.
ceilede: scalia is very conservative
anxiope: it makes it more likely that they have few years ahead of them though. ;)
ceilede: possibly.
anxiope: he's more conservative than souter.
anxiope: well, anyway, i could see 5 justices retiring if bush were to serve an 8 year stint
kmcoaster: hi anxiope
anxiope: like clinton did.
anxiope: hi, km.
anxiope: what up???
ceilede: i doubt he will serve that long considering his fairly narrow victory.
kmcoaster: are you gay anx?
(always wondering about peoples' sexuality, eh gay?)
anxiope: clinton didn't exactly win in 1992 by a landslide ... the perot factor was important
anxiope: no, km, i'm hetero, but thanx for asking. =)
ceilede: he won by more than bush has.
kmcoaster: thats cool, anx.
anxiope: i think bush sr. would've got it if it hadn't been for perot.
ceilede: blame it on those darned independents.
anxiope: ceilade ... yes, he did win by more than geo. w. did this year.
ceilede: so...has clinton made the country better for gays?
anxiope: i'm a libertarian myself.
anxiope: not really.
ceilede: then would gore? i don't think so.
anxiope: i don't think ... he's introduced the idea of acceptance better than prev. pres's
(not introduced, force-fed)
ceilede: i don't consider myself a libertarian but i liked many of the ideas on their website.
anxiope: yeah, i think gore would conitinue the clinton style of acceptance.
antigayisok: kmcoaster: are you gay anxiope: i'm hetero notice the capitalizations! gays are bloated
(i notice these things)
anxiope: i'm not a party-man lib, but i am running for congress in 2004.
ceilede: bloated gays.
anxiope: antigay ... ok. hmmm.
anxiope: i have a very middle of the road platform.
anxiope: compared to most libs that is.
antigayisok: km capitalized gay like it's special, anx didn't capitalize hetero
(just in case slow km didn't get it)
ceilede: personally i find the use of the rainbow as a symbol of homosexuality to be rather
ceilede: disturbing.
(i'll say, the rainbow is god's promise, gays use it to put homosexuality into a good light)
ceilede: not to mention the bastardization of words such as "gay", "queer" and "faggot"...
anxiope: yes, i understood that much, antigay. =)
kmcoaster: i'll just shut up!
[when in rome (or you're losing), either do as the romans do or nothing at all!]
anxiope: brits are accostomed to having a 'fag' after a meal. =)
ceilede: lol
ceilede: i'm going to go have my fag now...
ceilede: *grin*
anxiope: fag = cigarette for those of you who don't know.
anxiope: ditto, i'd like a fag very much right now. ;)
ceilede: i mean...i don't smoke anymore, but i like the idea of someone saying that.
ceilede: it amuses me.
kmcoaster: i'm stiil here.
ceilede: you said you were going to shut up.
kmcoaster: just checking profiles.
ceilede: hmmm...
ceilede: well...b'bye.
ceilede: have an interesting day.

(ceilede leaves, i haven't spoken for an hour or so...but kmcoaster continues to babble)

kmcoaster: i've learned that back when i was in high school, the guys that made fun of gays were closet [you're not in high school anymore? could've fooled me. but if you're comparing me to a high school student, you either know my public maturity-level or you're also still emotionally in high school. and judging by your 'chat,' i'd say the latter is a-purple (whoops, prince reference) - er, correct.]
kmcoaster: i've seen some of them later yrs, in gay bars themselfs.
(guess they never really grasped the concept of gender-identity)
kmcoaster: the ones who shout against gays are gay wanna bes.
(that's the ticket. point that finger, i say, point!)
kmcoaster: ofcorse i'm gay and tring to turn straight. but i know it won't work.
(not with that attitude.)
kmcoaster: so antigay ,you just need to stop fighting it and come out.
(solution for everything, next he sends an im)
kmcoaster: do u read me? (like an open book)
kmcoaster: i've read your profile, it's just a bunch of lies to hide your true desires, girlfriend. (sounds like something dr. frank-n-furter would say: "there's no crime in giving yourself over to pleasure" then again in today's world, there's no time to give yourself over to maturity)
kmcoaster: anti, wy are you still in chat room?
(why are you? in an 'opposing gays' chatroom, no less. trying to slap me in the face, put me in my place, trying to win the race?)

(alice enters)

kmcoaster: hi alice.
alicesindarkness: whats up
alicesindarkness: are you all gay bashing or what hahahaha
kmcoaster: are you gay or straight?
(the first question he asks, the second one he asked it to, i envision him sitting in front of his computer and as soon as somebody else enters the chat room, his bleepers go off - "bleep! bleep! sexuality check! bleep! bleep!")
alicesindarkness: im most the way straight
kmcoaster: i'm gay
(whoo-hoo, i'm gay i'm gay i'm gay i'm gay! i celebrate sexuality too!)
extra onions plz: howdy
alicesindarkness: i dont think no one is truely straight
(keyword: gender-identity)
kmcoaster: you got a point there.
(he'd deny the fact that nobody is truly gay)
alicesindarkness: how about you antigayisok
kmcoaster: just look at antigay is ok, for example.
alicesindarkness: your fear aint your fantasy
extra onions plz:
alicesindarkness: his a xian thats why

im intermission

not2str8: the only difference between a straight guy and a gay guy is a twelve pack of budwiser.....get off the cross honey someone else needs the wook

alicesindarkness: blind obedience (as opposed to your blind self-righteousness?)
kmcoaster: whats an xian?
alicesindarkness: christian
kmcoaster: ok.
alicesindarkness: a religion based on guilt
(i don't know much, but i know that jesus' body is the only proof of a godly being that we don't have - yeah, we don't have it, wolves somehow found the manpower, the reason and the motivation to move the rock blocking his tomb to carry his body off into the night...oh, then there's that hypothesis that he was risen from the dead)
kmcoaster: true alice.
(hey km, are your eyebrows narrowed, lips puckered, is your hand moving to your chin and are you saying "hmmmn..."?)
extra onions plz: i thought that it was based on stained glass.....
alicesindarkness: hahahahaha
extra onions plz: : p
alicesindarkness: stained glass and collection plates
extra onions plz: lol
kmcoaster: lol.

pandora479 steps in with this in her profile: " i know you don't like me much, but let's go for a ride... was your place in heaven worth giving up these kisses?" --tori amos (tori, you so angry!!!)

alicesindarkness: i thought they are to be a religion of love (gays' idea of love: "if you loved me, you'd let me")
alicesindarkness: suppose*
kmcoaster: hi pandora.
pandora479: hello
extra onions plz: hola pandora
pandora479: talking about anything interesting?
extra onions plz: ....our opposition is silent right now
kmcoaster: pandora , are you here to oppose us to?
(what's stopping you from once again coming right out and saying "are you gay or straight?")
alicesindarkness: im waiting for antigay to start bashing hahahahaha
(i think you all are, hahaha)
pandora479: not really
pandora479: i don't care about politics this early in the morning.
extra onions plz: anti-gay is ok, but what a way to live
kmcoaster: good, it's good to hear that, i'm gay.
(all he is and all he cares to be, get a load of how he introduces himself to everyone)
pandora479: (it figures, tori amos and all, teenaged rebellion and all)
kmcoaster: cool! nice to have family join . (lordy. these minorities all deserve to die.)
kmcoaster: i'm all alone here.
pandora479: i'm on the christian coalition's mailing list....
pandora479: know thy enemy
(my sentiments exactly! fool!)
alicesindarkness: hahahaha (fools!)
pandora479: but like i said, too early for politics.
extra onions plz: lol, i watch tbn for same reason, and well it's somewhat entertaining too
pandora479: lol
extra onions plz:
alicesindarkness: i think he dead
alicesindarkness: maybe he drunk the kool aid
(get educated, gay thing)
alicesindarkness: lol
pandora479: anti doesn't talk?
alicesindarkness: oh
kmcoaster: antigay, is alright, he just need to accept himself as gay.
(whew! you can deny yourself, but i'd rather accept myself as one with masculinity!)
extra onions plz: not since i've been here pandora
alicesindarkness: i think your right
pandora479: i'm guessing anti made this room.
pandora479: it's ironicle how anti gay rooms attract gay people. hmmm..
(isn't it? what's that saying about gays?)
extra onions plz: lol, yep
kmcoaster: he was in here long before we were.
alicesindarkness: every room is like that
pandora479: gotta go, take it ez people
alicesindarkness: later
extra onions plz:
extra onions plz: peace alice
(here it comes) extra, are you gay?
extra onions plz: i am
kmcoaster: cool!
(ever-so curious, aren't you? how many times did you ask that question?)
extra onions plz: i think so too
kmcoaster: i'm wanting to go straight though.
(yeah, okay. this child doesn't know what he wants)
extra onions plz: why is that?
kmcoaster: to see what woman are like.
(can you say 'relationships based on sex?)
extra onions plz: ic

extra onions plz: well if it's just research, be careful
kmcoaster: well maby i really don't want to change but it's a easier life.
(well mayby you don't know what you want)

(please get out of this room so i can stop, i do want to go for a ride in my jimmy)

extra onions plz: maybe so, but it's not my identity, so i can't imagine (if you lack masculine identity, have sex with a man)
kmcoaster: you got a point there.
extra onions plz: be who you are km, that is wonderful enough : )
("be who you feel you are," he must be related to oprah)
kmcoaster: well it leads to a lifelong dream of having something done...
nephibosheth: i hate queers.
extra onions plz: km, you mean sex gets in the way of your goals?
kmcoaster: who asked you? nep.
kmcoaster: my wish is to have my nutts cut off. casterated.
(nuts are merely fixtures that mean nothing to gay "men")
extra onions plz: a sex change?
kmcoaster: just my nuts.
extra onions plz: ic, wow, is this because you want to be celibate?
kmcoaster: yeah dude, for real.
(fifteen minutes ago, he wanted to "see what women are like")
extra onions plz: well as long as it's not a permanent solution to a temporary problem
kmcoaster: i want the permanent solition.
(child, you don't know what you want)
extra onions plz: i am sooooo hungry
extra onions plz: what is the problem?
(i don't think there is one, i think km just likes to hear himself talk)
kmcoaster: no big problem, i just want to be a nueterd male.
(i used to want that too, to lose my lust, but if you don't want to be bothered with lust then just turn away from it!)
extra onions plz: okie dokie
kmcoaster: got a knife?
extra onions plz: i have a drawerful.

(i really want to go, please end the conversation, it is getting slow anyway)

extra onions plz: k-mart has cheap ones.
kmcoaster: i would like an audience to watch.
(what does this say about gays' mentalities?)
extra onions plz: good luck to you
kmcoaster: i guess all this talk makes yours tingle.
(he wants all this talk to have some effect on a blessed penis, huh?)
extra onions plz: all over, but i'm more into this package o' chocolate chip cookies i just opened : p
kmcoaster: lol.
extra onions plz: well peace to you km
(whew, finally!)
kmcoaster: maby antigay might want to do me the faver. (for all you know, antigay is at school learning to spell)
kmcoaster: piece to you to extra, i hope you don't think i'm too weird. (he says that to nobody, extra left three minutes ago to get a peace of pie! haha!)
kmcoaster: anti,are you still there?
(based on your knowledge, was i ever here?)


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