texdude8: my reaction to your website would be....how bout liars, thiefs, murderers, hypocrites, .......how bout u make a web page about them too......u gotta wonder why your concerned so much on homosexuals

though homosexuality is the predominate sin that my site deals with, everything satanic is exposed and everyone satanic (including woman-power advocates, advocates for mixed marriages, woman soldiers, stay-at-home dads, etc) is wished an equally brutal murder.

solonely73: well, gays are liars and hypocrites, sometimes murderers and thieves, so i am focusing on those topics too.
texdude8: so r heterosexuals

i don't think heterosexuals are mass marketing anything that is undeniably wrong to the world, in an effort to promote their filmsy egos (if, indeed, homosexuals weren't the only ones with flimsy egos and/or pride complexes)

texdude8: in fact.statics would say the most corrupt are usually , white, male, hetero,

is that a bunch of bs (or gs, gay spite) to make minorities seem near holy, or is it true...and if it's true, are there just more straight white males that commit crimes than spiteful minorities, or is there a higher percentage?

texdude8: make sure if your going to throw stones.....make sure u pluck that splinter out of your own eye first......

what are you saying, that i have no right to mention the many errs of gays if i myself am sexually aroused by men? good, you criticize me for bashing gays because i myself have their plights, but then you criticize straight men for bashing gays because they are not gays and therefore they "just don't understand" gays. you're in a win/win situation there, but i'm not buying it's legitimacy.

texdude8: judge...least you too shall be judged

gays' favorite thing to say to people who show them opposition. well, besides the one about how "the bible contains six admonishments to gays and 362 to heterosexuals...this doesn't mean god doesn't love heterosexuals, it just means they need more supervision". both are merely a way for gays to protect their ever-so feeble facades of pride from being degraded, a way for them to seem righteous in the eyes of the world, but they're both as transparent as scotch tape!

solonely73: okay i don't know what to say. you made me see my errs. my site is coming down tomorrow.

texdude8: i could say the same thing about your site.....but i doubt it would change anyones mind.......its all about the delivery......your page just doenst have it

yeah, okay, a critique coming from somebody who's shopping for a blessed sexual encounter online is something i will try to learn from.

solonely73: i know and i'm sorry
texdude8: so your motive or agenda is falling upon deaf ears....im sorry to say

only when fags read it, their pride-facades get in the way of swallowing anything that may be hazardous to the land of make believe.

solonely73: oh pity.
texdude8: and that doesnt help.......i have a feeling i know where your coming from......take care.....remember this if u remember anything i say tonigh......god is interested in an open heart then an open mind.....bye bro.

you follow whatever parts of my god's words you choose to acknowledge, but i won't see you in heaven in a hundred years.

solonely73: yessir

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