masculivoid: gee, interesting profile....curious.... are there not more important issues facing this world and culture than the issue of being gay? (yes, let me tackle thermonuclear warfare. i know so much about that.)

ten minutes pass without me answering his question

masculivoid: ah, one of seems. speaks so loud and makes mute points, but unwilling to discuss them. well, that's cool.....typical

take good care, man...hope you find what you seek.

i think points are moot. i learned that from "jessie's girl". i'm not willing to discuss them, first because i was fifteen miles away from the computer when you immed me, and second because whatever i'd say is more or less somewhere within the site. thirdly, i don't bicker trying to justify my points of view so you'd buy into them, and fourthly because i'm not your fucking mother!!!! if you need parental guidance, go see ferris bueller's day off (though, being rated pg-13, it may be too mature for you and q)

check out my site, , unless you're there now