harmonia garden: anyone have clue what antigayisokay is all about?
finn1068: he's just a moron
(finn sent an im a few minutes before: finn1068: are you a complete and udder moron??)
finn1068: dont even pay attention
harmonia garden: ok then my intuition is working
finn1068: yep..i think he is one of those sick christians...
(gays label as 'sick' whosoever shall oppose)
queeravenger: you needed intuition for that?
finn1068: or nazis (gays label as 'evil' whosoever shall oppose)
queeravenger: finn.. ah but those are fun to play with
queeravenger: everyone loves a good bigot baiting (gay 'pride' to the rescue)
harmonia garden: well, that profile was so incomprehensible, i thought maybe i just didn't get it
(i'll admit, my site as a whole is for the intellectually finesse, maybe it's a mistake to market it to gays)
finn1068: well, maybe kick until thay bleed
(say it, "i do not practice the 'love all' values i preach when people offend me")

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