sxysrmale: hello
stv1974: hi
sxysrmale: how are you doing today
stv1974: alright u?
sxysrmale: doing ok just a little bored today
stv1974: i don't bore myself too often
sxysrmale: well you must not live alone
stv1974: sure i do
sxysrmale: well if i had something to do i would not be on here today

i figure this 'man' is not used to being anything but bored when he's only got himself to keep himself entertained. i'd venture to guess that when the weekend comes, he's out like clockwork. this is exactly what i mean in my "can't stand losing you" parody, "depressed dudes off work, structureless, are so ill-prepared so they rush to friends".

okay, so maybe being a sex fiend is not the only reason gays won't be caught dead without a boyfriend - they just plain bore themselves!

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